1. THE INDEPENDENT USER GROUP HAS BEEN FORMED so that all Beacon U3as can have the chance to be involved in the decisions about the current and future system. The Trust have made it clear that they have a view about how this should happen, and that current users will play a part. The User Group’s role is to ensure this happens and  to provide a focus for the 280+ U3As who use Beacon on a daily basis to mnage thei operations.
  2. THE INDEPENDENT GROUP has two main functions: (i) represent the users in their stratified group: feedback of issues and requirements; (ii) reporting back to users on conversations and decisions with the Trust and the Beacon Team
  3. COMMUNICATION is at the heart of the User Group’s aims. We need to hear from users what they would like to see from us, and the Trust, to improve communications. Right now there’s a small group who have been acting as a Steering Committee. As the User Group starts to get more U3As signed up, we’ll need to look again at how it should be managed and what regular reporting is needed.

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